Pinhead Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Bishoujo Statue

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This Pinhead Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Bishoujo Statue is a Kotobukiya Japanese import. This is a pre-painted PVC Figure. Comes in collectors display box. This line has transformed horror movie icons into pretty ladies with Jason Voorhees, Ash Williams, Tiffany, Freddy Krueger and more. Up next is the Cenobites leader and purveyor of unearthly pleasures as you’ve never seen him (or her) before, Hellraiser’s Pinhead! Summoned by solving the Lemarchand Configuration puzzle box, the Cenobites offer exquisite pain and suffering beyond your wildest dreams, and in the 1992 Hellraiser sequel they returned to wreak havoc and add new recruits to their group.  As always Pinhead, the malevolent deity of forbidden pleasures, was front and center, but now you can bring home a distinctly feminine aspect of the Cenobite. The Bishoujo version is based on original artwork by Shunya Yamashita and depicts the voluptuous villain in a seductive pose just daring you to solve her puzzle. Pinhead wears a feminine take on the film costume, a sleek black leather bondage-inspired outfit with cutouts for lots of exposed skin and metallic buckles in key locations. The porcelain white of the Cenobite’s skin stands in stark contrast with the costume, and the black pearlescent paint gives it an eerie glow from a variety of angles. Pinhead’s sculpting is packed with subtle details that draw the eye, from the pins in her bald head to the “heels” piercing her delicately poised feet, the puzzle box in her hand, the flowing movement of her skirt, the intricately designed base inspired by the Lemarchand Configuration, and more! Sculpted by Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX), Pinhead stands just over 9 inches tall (1/7 scale) dancing across the complex display base. Haunting yet beautiful, ominous yet angelic, this sensual and multi-faceted beauty is the perfect centerpiece for your collection!

All of our Bishoujo statues are the original craftsmanship of Kotobukiya and are bought directly from the manufacturer.