Find JP's Horror at a Show Near You!


Here is a list of shows where you can see us in person!


Days of the Dead - Atlanta, GA - February 7th - 9th

Mad Monster Party - Charlotte, NC - February 14th - 16th

SC Comic Con - Greenville, SC - March 28th - 29th - CANCELLED -

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival - Nashville, TN - April 10th - 12th - CANCELLED -

Savannah Comic Con - Savannah, GA - May 9th - 10th - CANCELLED -

Nashville Comic Con - Nashville, GA - May 30th - 31st - CANCELLED -

Fanboy - Knoxville, TN - July 10th - 12th 

Atlanta Comic Con- Atlanta, GA - July 31st - August 2nd

Days of the Dead - Atlanta, GA - August 7th - 9th

Metrotham Con - Chattanooga, TN - October 23rd - 25th



SC Comic Con - Greenville, SC - March 27th - 28th 
Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival - Nashville, TN - April 2nd - 4th


We love our customers and we especially love to talk to you in person! Stop by any of these awesome shows and come see us in person. We should be pretty easy to find, just ask where to find the best prices, friendliest people and the coolest items. That should lead you directly to us! Or you can use the map or walk around and look for our sign.

If you find yourself at any of these shows please stop by and chat. We are glad to help you find items or just chat about movies, the show, horror and home decor or just sell you some stuff! 

Thanks for being a JP's Horror customer!

Kim and Jesse