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Low Shipping Cost at JP's Horror

Tired of high shipping costs?
Feel like you always pay more than you should for shipping?

We know shipping is an added cost and nobody likes to pay extra. We do our very best to keep things simple and as straight forward as possible. We now have flat rate shipping in the United States making our shipping charges not only cheap but very simple to calculate. Rates are based on total price of cart and there are a couple of large over-sized items that have an additional fee of $25 to ship. In order to offer you this low cost shipping we will choose the carrier and you will receive an email with tracking information.

Sorry but there are a few states that cost significantly more so there are a few exceptions.

Flat Rate US Shipping (Most States)
Up to $20.00   Shipping $4  
$20.01 - $60   Shipping $8  
$60.01 and Up   Shipping $12  
Over-sized Items   + $25  
Flat Rate Shipping (California)
Up to $20.00 Shipping $6
$20.01 - $60 Shipping $10
$60.01 and Up Shipping $14
Over-sized Items + $25
Flat Rate Shipping (Alaska and Hawaii)
Up to $20.00 Shipping $8
$20.01 - $60 Shipping $16
$60.01 and Up Shipping $24
Over-sized Items + $25

During the COVID-19 outbreak we have limited to shipping only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to comply with local shelter in place orders. Once these orders are removed will resume normal shipping cycles. 

Orders will be processed and shipped within four business days at a maximum. The shipping time is in addition to the processing and handling time.

If you want to avoid shipping charges all together you can find us at a show in the Southeastern part of the United States and pay the same price for the items without the cost of shipping or the waiting for it to be delivered.

Thanks for being a JP's Horror Customer!
Kim and Jesse