Low Shipping Cost at JP's Horror

Tired of high shipping costs?
Feel like you always pay more than you should for shipping?
Here at JP's Horror we calculate actual shipping!

After you select your products and add them to your cart you will need to enter in your address and the available shipping methods and costs for each will be displayed. All you need to do is select what shipping method and price works best for you. Orders will be processed and shipped within four business days.
We know shipping is an added cost and nobody likes to pay extra. We strive to keep our prices low and we do not offer free shipping and then up the price you pay for each item. We do our very best to keep things simple and as straight forward as possible. Our prices are set pretty low and we charge you only for the shipping that we have to pay to get your order delivered directly to you at the pace you choose when you check out. 
Shipping can get expensive on large and heavy items. Shipping cost is calculated by the companies using a size and weight algorithm along with the distance. So if you want something big, heavy and live far away expect to pay a bit to have it shipped.
If you want to avoid shipping charges all together you can find us at a show in the Southeastern part of the United States and pay the same price for the items without the cost of shipping or the waiting for it to be delivered.

Thanks for being a JP's Horror Customer!
Kim and Jesse