Friday the 13th – Prop Replica – Jason Voorhees “Part 4” Mask

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Friday the 13th – Prop replica- Jason Voorhees “3D” Mask is as seen in the 1984 American slasher and fourth film, in the Friday the 13th series. In the fourth installment of the Friday the 13th series, the events pick up immediately following part three. Jason was brought to the morgue thought to be dead, he suddenly comes back to life and escapes. Of course he returns to finish his killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake. Own a little piece of horror movie history with this hand painted, 1:1 scale resin prop replica mask. It’s an exceptionally detailed reproduction that features adjustable, elastic straps to allow you to wear it in comfort or hang it on the wall. Includes the cracked battle damage wound with bloody decor! A great addition to any horror fan’s collection! Size fits Most Adults

Comes in clamshell packaging.