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Michael Myers Phunny Plush - Halloween II

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Michael Myers Phunny Plush - Halloween II by Kidrobot. Michael Myers is the killer in the Halloween movie franchise. In Halloween II, after Dr. Loomis shoots Michael 6 times and he falls off the balcony, Michael escapes once again and is now on the loose in Haddonfield to continue his murderous spree. Based on his appearance in 1981’s Halloween II movie, this adorably, menacing Michael Myers plush stands at 7” tall and holds a kitchen knife and jack 0’ lantern. 

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Brown

It's awesome I love it

Thanks for the review.


Well made

Cute, but I wish it had shipped in a little box.

The 5-Star rating is for the product because the plush itself feels and looks to be of great quality, so no complaints there.

Unfortunately, it arrived somewhat misshapen and he lost a bit of his hair. His knife is bent at an odd angle, too. There is no doubt that this is USPS fault, because they likely had the bag wedged in-between other things or perhaps stacked something on top of it, but I do feel that it could have been avoided if the little guy had been shipped in a box.

Anyway, the hair isn't that big a deal so I'll leave it alone for a while and see if it'll go back to its original shape. It was bought as a gift for a friend who's birthday is in about a month so if it doesn't fix itself I should have time to buy another.

Hey FulciLives!,

Sorry that happened to your order. We have shipped out hundreds of these in the poly bag and this is the first time there was damage. The Carriers must have been extra rough with this one. Please let us know if you require a replacement so that Michael is in good shape for a gift.

Kevin M
Great Gift for the Michael Myers Fan

Gave this to a friend for her birthday. She loves him. He rides in her car so his hair can blow in the wind.

Awesome! Thanks for the review!

selena lopez
michael myers

omg loved it!!! was so happy when this came in. it’s perfect.

We are glad that you are happy!