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Vampire Teddy (With Duck) POP! Vinyl – The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Vampire Teddy (With Duck) POP! vinyl is the vampire-like teddy bear character from the 1993 animated Disney movie classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. This scary teddy has a huge open mouth grin with lots of sharp teeth and bat wings. When Jack Skellington took over as Santa Claus on this Christmas night, he gifted this Scary Teddy to a child. The teddy, along with the toy duck chased the little girl and boy all over scaring them nearly to death, until the real Santa Claus returned and replaced the teddy with a non-scary bear and dragon. The vampire teddy appears as an everyday antagonist called “Trick” alongside another enemy named “Treat” (a Jack-o’-lantern) thus creating a nod to “Trick-or-treat”.   

This figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall and comes in a collector box.