Shock POP! Vinyl Figure – The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Shock POP! vinyl is one of the three trick-or-treaters that lives in Halloween Town from the 1993 Disney movie classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This trio serve as Oogie Boogie’s henchmen. Shock is the seven year old female, and the most intelligent of the three. She has some dislike for the other two for their stupidity and often challenges Shock for leadership. Shock wears a purple which costume and hat, black boots and has wiry blue hair. She is the tallest as well as the thinnest. Shock’s mask is green and matches her long nosed face. While they are Ooogie’s henchmen, they often are just doing a lot of goofing around and simply make mischief to stay on his good side. Lock, Shock and Barrel capture Santa Clause and bring him to Oogie Boogie’s lair, where he taunts and scares him. This figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall and comes in a collector box.