Michael Myers – Halloween – Living Dead Dolls

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Michael Myers – Halloween - Living Dead Dolls  is “The Shape” from the horror movie series Halloween. Michael Myers made his first appearance in John Carpenters classic 1978 movie in the franchise that would span five decades. The small town of Haddonfield, Illinois was forever changed when a young boy at the young age of six killed his older sister with a kitchen knife. Michael was locked up at the Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital for almost fifteen years when he escapes to finish the job of killing his younger sister on Halloween night.

You can’t kill the boogeyman!

Nothing but darkness pierces through the all-new face sculpt of Michael’s expressionless white mask. This doll features rooted hair, film accurate blue coveralls, black boots and this Haddonfield terror comes equipped with his signature knife accessory.

This Michael Myers Living Dead Dolls stands at 10” tall and features five points of articulation. He is packaged in a die-cut collectors window box.