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Blue Dragon Box

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This Blue Dragon Box is a beautifully detailed hand painted decorative piece that will bring the perfect touch to your home or office. The mystical dragon is a serpent-like, legendary creature that appears in countless folklore in many cultures around the world. Most often they are represented as large creatures having huge wings, four legs (and often walk on their hind legs) horns and are capable of breathing fire. This piece is super detailed and made of cold cast resin. The dragon is hand painted in beautiful blue colors, with tons of detail. The base is painted in a metallic gray/black and has a Celtic knot design all over with jewels. The general meaning of the Celtic interlaced knot can be conveyed as signifying the repeated crossings of the spiritual and physical paths in our lives. This dragon box would make a perfect gift for someone with the love of dragons and or Celtic home décor. 

Approximate Size: 5” x 5” x 5”