Witches Brew Flask

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Witches Brew Flask is a way for you to easily carry your magical concoction. Witches Brew is typically a potion that can be used for healing, love spells or bewitching or poisoning people. Inventions of magical potions and brews of all different kinds were common practice in alchemy and were commonly associated with Witchcraft. This Stainless Steel flask is able to hold 8 oz. of your favorite magical drink. It fits into your pocket or bag, and is very comfortable to carry around wherever you go. The flask has a label that reads, “Hazel’s Cauldron”. “Premium Potions and Elixir’s, pre stirred Witches Brew. “Now with more Eye of Newt, Toadstool and Wool of Bat!” Enjoy this flask with your favorite beverage any time of the year!