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Savage World Pinhead – Hellraiser III

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Savage World Pinhead – Hellraiser III is the leader of the Cenobites from the 1992 American-Canadian horror movie Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth. Played by actor Doug Bradley, Pinhead is the leader of the Cenobites and is split into two distinct entities. The infamous Lemarchand’s “puzzle” box is in his hand and he wears bloodied saws hanging from around his waist. In part three, once again the ornate puzzle box is found and its secrecies are revealed only to unleash Pinhead and all the evil that comes with him. This Pinhead Savage World stylized figure is done in the style of Mattel’s old Masters of the Universe figures. These muscular bodied figures feature approximately six points of articulation and come with the puzzle box and two different saws. Made of plastic and comes in blister card packaging. 

Approx. 5.5” tall