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Mystical Incense Gift Pack

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This Mystical Incense Gift Pack has six different aromatic scents.

Dragon Beauty: In the dark caverns where dragons live, the soothing honey sweet fragrance of Amber permeates all.

Angel Rose: The aromatic and unmistakable heavenly perfume of Red Rose fills the air whenever she is near.

Immortal Flight: The floral perfume of Violet has the magic to reach deep within you and sooth the mind, body and soul.

Protector: Along verdant paths trod by wolves, the Chamomile springs and fills the valley with an aroma to clear the mind.  

Gothic Prayer: In hallowed halls in which supplications are given, lingers the sensual aroma that brings an inner peace.

Aracnafaria: The enigmatic scent of the Night Queen is quite mesmeric, yet stimulating, and will always remind me of being in her presence.

From the Anne Stokes collection, these incense can bring a pleasant smell to your altar or home.

6 tubes - x20 Incense sticks in each

Approx. Size: 7" x 10"x 1"