Leatherface Glass Stash Jar – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Leatherface glass stash jar is the chainsaw-wielding murderer from the 1974 horror movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The real life Wisconsin killer, Ed Gein is described to be the inspiration for this shocking film. The family worked in a slaughterhouse and later owned a café of which they used this fresh meat in their dishes. They are a family of inbred, murderous and cannibalistic crazies. Leatherface is the naive one that the family controls. He has a lot of rage and acts out on innocent victims. Just like Ed Gien did, he also wears a mask of human skin, hence the name Leatherface.

Stop using a plastic baggy that will dry out your bud! Properly storing your cannabis is important for the freshness. This jar keeps your stash airtight and odorless, so your buds will stay moist much longer.  

Keep your stash concealed while celebrating your favorite horror movie slasher in this black glass, stash jar! This Leatherface stash jar features the iconic Leatherface killer and family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

Holds approx. 6 oz.