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Jason Voorhees Flatzos – Friday the 13th

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Jason Voorhees Flatzos is the hockey masked killer from the 1980’s classic horror movie Friday the 13th. Jason was a small boy who while at summer camp one year drowned in the lake due to the negligence of his the camp counselors. Decades later, it is rumored that Camp Crystal Lake is cursed. Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Jason’s Mom) murders the staff one by one until her death at the very end. She is determined to not let the camp open and makes her move as the teenagers are preparing the camp for the summers reopen.

Mezco offers a new kind of plush that is great for home décor, to rest your head on or just to cuddle up with and watch your favorite horror movie. Jason Voorhees is the machete loving, hockey mask wearing killing machine from Camp Crystal Lake. Flatzos plush is a generous 12” tall and features a vibrant full color printing.

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