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Jack Skellington Journal Orange – A Nightmare Before Christmas

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Jack Skellington Journal Orange is the one and only Pumpkin King of Halloween Town from the 1993 Disney movie classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Jack’s  iconic image of a tall and slender skeleton man dressed in a black and white pin stripped suit complete with a bat bow tie is all representative of where he originates; from a fantasy world based solely from the mysterious holiday of Halloween. His dog Zero is always by his side to faithfully assistant his master. Jack has a very special friend named Sally who is his secret admirer throughout the movie until the end where they kiss on top of Spiral Hill. This stop-motion animated, dark fantasy musical film was conceived and produced by the famous Tim Burton. A Nightmare Before Christmas was originated in a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982. While he was working as a Walt Disney Feature Animator, Walt Disney Studios began to consider developing The Nightmare Before Christmas as a short film or a 30-minute TV special. Over the years Tim Burton often returned his attention to the project, and in 1990 he made a development deal with Disney. Production of the film started in 1991. The film was released through Touchstone Pictures because the studio believed that the film would be “too dark and scary for kids”. The movie went on to gross over $76 million in its initial run, and is a classic still today!      

This Jack Skellington journal is a total of 7” tall x 5” wide. It comes with a page of alphabet stickers for you to personalize your diary. Contains 40 sheets of paper with lines on both sides for a total of 80 writable pages. This journal comes wrapped in a hanging wrapper.