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It (2017) Head Knockers - Pennywise

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It (2017) Head Knockers - Pennywise is the terrifying dancing clown from the new 2017 psychological movie, “It”. The character played by actor Bill Skarsgård is an entity which prays upon the kids of Derry, Maine every 27 years or so. Pennywise uses a variety of his powers that which include shapeshifting, manipulation and going unnoticed by adults to hunt the children of the neighborhood. A group of bullied kids band together to try and rid of this horrible clown that has frightened the town kids of Derry. This killer clown is cast in resin and then hand painted for chillingly in-depth details. Pennywise holds his trademark red balloon, has a bobble head and his base is the sewer drain with boat.  

This Pennywise Head Knockers stands a little over 8” tall and comes in a collectable matte finish packaging with spot gloss.