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It (1990) Head Knockers - Pennywise

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It (1990) Head Knockers - Pennywise is a demonic entity from the 1990 psychological miniseries, “It”. It is based on Steven King’s novel of the same name. This story takes place over two different time periods. In the first part Pennywise is a brutal wisecracking clown with bright red hair that a group of troubled kids discovered and swore to get rid of him for good anyway they could. By part two the voracious clown resurfaces and the kids are now all grown up and are on a mission the defeat this “It” once and for all! This killer clown is cast in resin and then hand painted for extra-scary details. Pennywise holds his trademark balloon, has a bobble head and his base is the sewer drain with boat.  

This Pennywise Head Knockers stands a little over 8” tall and comes in a collectable matte finish packaging with spot gloss.