Deadly Poison Flask

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Deadly Poison Flask is sure to keep others away from your favorite drink. The moment someone picks up this flask they will wonder if they should risk taking a swig without your permission. Fill this with any type of drink you want to carry around and keep it concealed or show off its deadly design. A black label is printed directly on the flask showing a white skull with crossbones is another fun indication for strangers to just keep away. The smooth silver flask even reads "Deadly Poison" and "Do Not Drink". The cap is a screw on with ridges on the edge of the cap to make it easy to unscrew and to screw closed. The screw on cap also makes it leak proof. You never have to worry about a leaking flask dripping through your pocket. This stainless-steel flask is able to hold 8 oz. of your favorite beverage, fits easily in your pocket or bag, and is comfortable to carry around wherever you go. Enjoy this filled with your favorite beverage any time of the year.