Alien ¼ Scale Xenomorph – Translucent Prototype

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Suit In the iconic 1979 sci-fi movie, the skin of the Xenomorph was meant to be almost see-through. The suit was originally cast in a translucent tone. With the many technical difficulties that had to be overcome to bring this legendary creature to life on screen, the idea was smashed and the creature had been forced to change the coloring as seen in the movie. The alien is known as Xenomorph XX121 and is possibly from the planet Proteus, also known as Xenomorph Prime. This is one of the deadliest recognized alien species. In order for these creatures to reproduce they need a host organism. The human phenotype is commonly around 7-8 feet and about 140-180 kgs with a large oblong arched head and spikey tail. These aliens are predatory creatures and their ultimate goal is to reproduce and kill all life forms that are a threat to them. It’s hinged jaw opens to reveal the inner mouth that extends for realistic movie action. There are 25 points of articulation, including double knee joints and a bendable tail. This action figure stands over 22 inches tall and comes in a collector box.