Xenomorph 8-Bit POP! Vinyl

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Alien 8-Bit POP! Vinyl is the extraterrestrial species from the Alien film series. The alien is known as Xenomorph XX121 and is possibly from the planet Proteus, also known as Xenomorph Prime. This is one of the deadliest recognized alien species. In order for these creatures to reproduce they need a host organism. The human phenotype is commonly around 7-8 feet and about 140-180 kgs with a large oblong arched head and spikey tail. These aliens are predatory creatures and their ultimate goal is to reproduce and kill all life forms that are a threat to them. Just like bees, these aliens have one queen who rules the rest and is larger and extra powerful. This figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall just and comes in a collector box.