May 07, 2015 1 min read

The Fifth Element logo

The Fifth Element ReAction Figures.... Coming Soon!

The Fifth Element ReAction Figures.... Coming Soon! ReAction figures are a great way to collect your beloved characters from your favorite classic movies. And JP’s Bears are happy to announce the arrival of the latest “The Fifth Element” figures. Keep watching the website in the “Shop By Brand” under ReAction or “Shop by Category” under Sci-Fi. You can take a peak at these seven different awesome Fifth Element characters that will be for sale on our website very soon!

The Fifth Element

Leeloo –The Fifth Element
Leeloo –In her thermal bandages
Diva Plavalaguna –The beautiful and mysterious operatic performer
Zorg –The corrupt weapons dealer
Mangalore –The ugly beast
Korben Dallas -The, once Major and Taxi cab driver
Ruby Rhod –The talk show host

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