December 16, 2014 1 min read

Peace Pals Holiday Sale

Peace Pals Holiday Sale at JP's Bears

Starting now and going on until the end of January 2015 at JP’s Bears, you can get any Peace Pal for only $9.99!

There are two different characters of Peace Pals to choose from. There’s the green Puppy with green ears and little peace signs all over him, and the ever popular tie-dyed teddy bear. They all come with a white and purple  jersey style t' shirt with the state or city of your choice. Once these are sold out they will be out of stock for good. Please check the listing of the item you are interested in for exact stock numbers. Some of these only have a few left, so get yours while you can!

All of our products are ready to be shipped same or next business day during this holiday season!

We offer First Class, Priority and Next-Day shipping.

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